Ig Marks African Anti-Corruption Day 2022

Ig marks african anti-corruption day 2022
Appeared on: 12 Jul 2022

African Anti-Corruption Day was designated by the African Union on 11th July in recognition of the vast progress in the war against corruption on the African continent and the need to reflect on the approaches to end the vice.

Led by the Inspectorate of Government, this year’s commemorations were attended by representatives from several African countries.

The Inspector General of Government Hon. Beti Kamya Turwomwe, said African countries receive $133b annually in the fight against corruption in form of grants, loans and donations, but an estimated $140b is lost through corruption every year.

She added that the war against corruption should be taken to the masses because they are the victims of corruption.

Bishop Joshua Lwere, who represented the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among, said inciting the local population to stand against corruption is the best option. He advised that the existing structures need to be empowered to fight against the vice.

This year marks the sixth edition of the African Anti-Corruption Day which is being commemorated under the theme: “Strategies and Mechanisms for the Transparent Management of the COVID – 19 Funds”.

In line with the theme for the African Union, Uganda, is commemorating the day under the theme: Escalating the War on Corruption in Africa: Focus on COVID-19 funds.