On-Going Criminal cases

Ug vs butamanya moses, tushabomwe clare, ruth abonga and natukwatsa fausta -
Acd cr case no 0050/2015
Updated on: 09 Apr 2018
The Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate, His Worship Lochomin Peter, while making a ruling on a prima facie case, in the matter of ACD Cr Case No 0050/2015 UG Vs Butamanya Moses ,Tushabomwe Clare ,Ruth Abonga and Natukwatsa Fausta, ruled that Butamanya Moses A1 be put on his defence on charges of so ...
Ug vs bernard david wandera, former director soroti flying school, soroti. -
Acd no. 33/2014
Updated on: 25 Jan 2017
Embezzlement and diversion of funds ...
Ug vs jane mpeirwe, principal inspectorate officer, inspectorate of government, arthur mpeirwe  advocate and kaguta former rdc. -
Acd-csc 61/2014
Updated on: 25 Jan 2017
Soliciting and receiving gratification, Abuse of office and aiding and abating. ...
Ug vs a1.hon eng abraham james byandala a2 eng berunado ssebbugga kimeze a3 joe ssemugooma a4 marvin baryaruha a5 apolo senkeeto a6 mugote isaac -
Acd no. 063/2015
Updated on: 25 Jan 2017
Abuse of office, Causing Financial loss, Theft, Influence peddling, Disobedience of lawful orders, Corruption, uttering false documents and obtaining execution of a security by false pretence. ...
Ug vs damian akankwasa -
Updated on: 31 Mar 2016
Embezzlement ...
Ug vs kitsumbire thembo -
Updated on: 05 Aug 2015
Prosecution concluded its case; court found that the accused person had a case to answer. Case was adjourned to 9/04/2015 for hearing of the defense case. ...
Ug vs karakire stephen -
Hct-00-ac-sc 0078/2011
Updated on: 28 Mar 2015
Case came up for mention on 19th /04/2015,the Accused person was absent and criminal summons were issued against him for 28/04/2015 when the case will come up for further hearing. ...
Ug vs walugembe joseph -
Updated on: 28 Mar 2015
Case came up for hearing on 19/03/2015,court had advised prosecution to summon two witnesses, one appeared but informed court that he had a patient so he was excused ,the second one confirmed attendance but never reported to court. Court issued criminal summons against her. The case was adjourned t ...
Ug vs kabanda edrisa -
Hct-00-ac-c0 007/2015
Updated on: 28 Mar 2015
Case came up for mention on 17th/03/2015 and was adjourned to 13/04/2015 when accused should come with his lawyer and receive copies of documents the state intends to rely on and further agree on a date for hearing. ...
Ug vs wewe dominic & anor -
Hct-00-ac-sc 0078/2011
Updated on: 28 Mar 2015
Matter came up for hearing on 16th March 2015 but hearing could not take place as the accused person had petitioned the IGG thus necessitating an amendment to the charge sheet. Case was adjourned to 17/04/2015 for hearing. ...