IG Legislation

Leadership code (amendment) act, 2021
Leadership Code (Amendment) Act, 2021
Date: Jun 2021
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Leadership Code (Amendment) Act, 2021

Leadership code (amendment) act, 2017
Leadership Code (Amendment) Act, 2017
Date: Jun 2021
Size: 0.12 MB
An Act to provide for a minimum standard of behaviour and conduct for leaders; to require leaders to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities; to put in place an effective enforcement mechanism and to provide for other related matters.

Leadership code act, 2002
Leadership Code Act, 2002
Date: Apr 2019
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Leadership Code Act 2002

The anti-money laundering act, 2013
The Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2013
Date: Mar 2014
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Anti-Money Laundering Act

The whistleblowers protection act, 2010
The Whistleblowers Protection Act, 2010
Date: Sep 2011
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The whistle blowers act

The anti-corruption act, 2009
The Anti-Corruption Act, 2009
Date: Sep 2011
Size: 0.22 MB
The Anti Corrupion Act

Inspectorate of government act, 2002
Inspectorate of Government Act, 2002
Date: Mar 2002
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An Act to make provisions for the Inspectorate of Government in line with Chapter Thirteen of the Constitution and in particular to give effect to the provisions of that Chapter as required by articles 225, 226 and 232 of the Constitution, to repeal the Inspectorate of Government Statute, 1988 and to provide for other related matters.

Chapter thirteen to fourteen of the constitution of the republic of uganda
Chapter Thirteen to Fourteen of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda
Date: Jan 1995
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The Inspectorate of Government is mandated to fight corruption by the national Constitution of 1995 and the Inspectorate of Government Act 2002. This extract lays out the Inspectorate's mandate as stipulated by the Constitution of th Republic of Uganda.