IG Court Cases

Uganda vs afaro gilbert -
Criminal case no. 1041/2011 (ts 91/2009)
Updated on: 14 Jul 2017

Mr. Afaro Gilbert came to this office complaining that the officials at the Administrator General’s (AG) office were mishandling his file in which he was processing benefits of his late father. During the investigations the officials at the AG’s office identified him as a person who had previousl ...

Uganda vs adeka judith margaret and 2 others -
Criminal case no. 66/2017
Updated on: 13 Jul 2017

Investigations herein revealed that gratuity and pension amounting to UGX 10,177,266/= and UGX 4,359,978/= respectively meant for Mr. Akuma Kelili was diverted and embezzled by Ms Judith M Adeka, then Personnel Officer Ministry of Public Service with the help of Ms Annet Adero a teacher, and Mr. ...

Ug vs benjamin ben avutia state prosecutor lira -
Hct-00-ac-co- 098/2016
Updated on: 25 Apr 2017
Charged with soliciting and receiving gratification. Accused person died on 22nd April 2017. ...
Ug vs karinkiza patrick deputy cao sembabule -
Hct-00-ac-co- 146/2016
Updated on: 25 Apr 2017
The accused person was charged with soliciting and receiving gratification. He died on 16th April 2017. ...
Ug vs prof okedi and 7 others -
Hct-00-ac-co- 059/2013
Updated on: 25 Apr 2017
Case was withdrawn on 20th March 2017. ...
Ug vs akankwasa andrew kasaijja -
Hct-00-ac-co- 100/2016
Updated on: 25 Apr 2017
Withdrawn. This matter was referred to IGG by Police and it was a weak case. ...
Ug vs mukose tughayenga george -
Hct-00-ac-co- 128/2015
Updated on: 25 Apr 2017
Withdrawn. The accused person refunded the money he misappropriated. ...
Ug vs bernard david wandera, former director soroti flying school, soroti. -
Acd no. 33/2014
Updated on: 25 Jan 2017
Embezzlement and diversion of funds ...
Ug vs a1.hon eng abraham james byandala a2 eng berunado ssebbugga kimeze a3 joe ssemugooma a4 marvin baryaruha a5 apolo senkeeto a6 mugote isaac -
Acd no. 063/2015
Updated on: 25 Jan 2017
Abuse of office, Causing Financial loss, Theft, Influence peddling, Disobedience of lawful orders, Corruption, uttering false documents and obtaining execution of a security by false pretence. ...