Combating Corruption In Border Communities And Border Authorities & Agencies In The East African Region

Combating corruption in border communities and border authorities & agencies in the east african region
Appeared on: 25 Apr 2018

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Uganda, under the Institutional Effectiveness programme is supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Anti-Corruption Institutions on facilitating dialogue with state and non-state actors on transparency and accountability policies and regulations. The initiative to engage communities and local authorities within the cross border areas fits well within the ongoing initiative. In addition, UNDP has been engaged in supporting peace dialogue in cross border peace and security committees that will be part of the key stakeholders in this initiative.


The overall objective of the project is to improve cross border accountability through creating awareness for the local communities and local authorities in tackling corruption in cross-border communities as a means of combating violent extremism. The specific objectives of the project are: 1) to improve awareness of accountability initiatives and develop strategies for cross border monitoring and community enforcement; 2) create cross border platforms for engagement on accountability issues and increase communication; 3)integrate cross border accountability issues to existing district plans.

The short-term objectives would be to increase communication between these stakeholders and their cross-border counterparts, with the goal of eventually developing strategies to address border corruption, which could include joint community/law enforcement monitoring, establishing cross-border reporting systems, or parallel advocacy campaigns to strengthen national government responses. Long-term objectives could include better cross-border engagement, increased trust between local communities/law enforcement and border authorities, and stronger national enforcement of border security.

The project will take an integrated approach engaging with UNDP Kenya, authorities of Kenya and boarder communities. Underpinning this approach, the project will support a gap analysis on the existing transparency and accountability frameworks and make recommendations to improve accountability and enforcement of cross-border security.

Read the Gap Analysis Report and Concept Note below:

Gap Analysis Concept Note