UG Vs Butamanya Moses, Tushabomwe Clare, Ruth Abonga and Natukwatsa Fausta

Ug vs butamanya moses, tushabomwe clare, ruth abonga and natukwatsa fausta -
Acd cr case no 0050/2015
Updated on: 09 Apr 2018

The Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate, His Worship Lochomin Peter, while making a ruling on a prima facie case, in the matter of ACD Cr Case No 0050/2015 UG Vs Butamanya Moses ,Tushabomwe Clare ,Ruth Abonga and Natukwatsa Fausta, ruled that Butamanya Moses A1 be put on his defence on charges of solicitation and receipt of gratification but Tushabomwe Clare (A2), Ruth Abonga (A3) and Natukwatsa Fausta (A4), were acquitted on a no case to answer for charges of Obstruction of investigations by the Inspectorate of Government.

In 2015, the Inspectorate of Government charged the Court Clerk of Mukono Court Butamanya Moses, for soliciticiting and receiving gratification. While Butamanya was being arrested, Tushabomwe Clare ,Ruth Abonga and Natukwatsa Fausta obstructed the arrest and were later charged for Obstruction of investigations.

For drawing lessons, A2, A3 and A4 were charged with obstruction of investigations because they deliberately hindered the arrest of the court clerk who has solicited and received gratification, and during the scuffle that ensued the camera belonging to the IG was damaged. Some of the reasons given by the trial Magistrate were that it was not clear to court whether the camera was damaged or had just run out of battery (The state needed expert testimony on the state of the camera which has been damaged). Secondly, there were challenges with identification of the individuals who took part in the obstruction and their specific roles.

The matter is still under prosecution