The Inspectorate Of Government And Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman Sign Cooperation Mou

The inspectorate of government and danish parliamentary ombudsman sign cooperation mou
Appeared on: 09 Jan 2018

The Inspectorate of Government signed a Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding with the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman to enhance exchange of knowledge and experiences with regard to their respective mandates as ombudsman offices.

The purpose of the Memorandum is to set up a framework for cooperation and exchange of experience as well as to agree on means of how to achieve more effective discharge of their respective mandates. The institutions will remain at all times mindful of the differences in terms of their respective social, economic and legal environments. The institutions will also take into account and share the relevant legal developments concerning the discharge of their respective mandates.

The other areas of cooperation that the institutions may upon mutual agreement and consultation perform include: Meetings based upon prevailing need(s), Joint Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Study Tours/Visits.

The activities above and any others incidental to the same shall be done with the express purpose of exchange of expert knowledge, information and best practices related to the structural and organizational requirements and issues relevant to building the capacity of staff of the respective institutions.

The institutions will appoint their respective Follow-up and Evaluation coordinators. The Ugandan focal point in respect of this document is the Director of Ombudsman Affairs at the Inspectorate of Government and the Danish focal point is the Director of International Relations of the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman.

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