Schedule For Virtual Training Of Public Officers On Declaration Of Income, Assets And Liabilities

Schedule for virtual training of public officers on declaration of income, assets and liabilities
Appeared on: 19 Jul 2021

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) reminds all Public Officers who are not leaders under section 4 of the Leadership Code Act to submit their Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities to the Inspector General of Government (IGG), as a requirement under the Leadership Code (Amendment) Act 2021.

While the Country is under lockdown, the Inspectorate of Government has put in place systems to ensure that all Public Officers can easily and safely submit their declarations using the IG Online Declaration System (IG-ODS), which is accessible from the Inspectorate of Government website

Below is a schedule for a virtual training of Public Officers on how to Declare their Income, Assets and Liabilities to the IGG.

Training Schedule