New Ig Strategic Plan Launched

New ig strategic plan launched
Appeared on: 29 Jul 2021

Ethics and Integrity Minister Hon Akello Rose Lilly has appreciated the Inspectorate of Government (IG) for standing strong in the fight against corruption.

At the closure of a sensitisation programme for newly elected leaders on the online declaration of their income, assets and liabilities to the IGG on Thursday, Hon. Akello thanked the IG for the improvement in handling the case backlog, increase in investigating high-profile corruption cases and the increase in verification of leaders’ declarations.

She however urged the IG to strengthen three key areas that include expediting investigations, increasing public participation in fighting corruption and emphasising the preventive approach in fighting corruption.

She appealed to all Leaders and Public Officers to comply and declare their income, assets and liabilities to the IGG, because it is a mandatory requirement of the law. She added that the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity will work with the IG to ensure that all Public Officers countrywide are sensitised about this legal obligation.

Closing Speech

Launching the IG’s Strategic plan (2020/21-2024/25), Hon Akello noted the challenges the IG faces in the execution of its broad mandate. She pledged her commitment to ensure that Anti-Corruption Agencies are well-facilitated in terms of financial and human resources, as well as capacity building to keep up with new trends in technology.

She used the occasion to thank Ms Mariam Wangadya for her exemplary service as Deputy IGG and congratulated her upon being appointed Chairperson of Uganda Human Rights Commission.

Launch of IG Strategic Plan Speech