Ig Tasks Survey Institute To Defend Self Against Maladministration Claims

Ig tasks survey institute to defend self against maladministration claims
Appeared on: 24 Aug 2023

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) on August 23, 2023 tasked the Institute of Survey and Land Management (ISLM) to defend itself against allegations of maladministration.

The directive was given by the Director of Ombudsman Affairs (DOA), Mr. Stephen Okiror, during a boardroom session between the IG and the management of the institute at the IG Head Office.

The meeting was triggered by a whistleblower who alleged that the institute has been operating without a governing council, disregards recruitment procedures to favour some people, operates without a strategic plan, lacks accountability and has failed to reign in on sexual harassment against students by their lecturers.

However, the Principal of ISLM, Mr. Bernard Oguro, denied all the allegations. He noted that there are bad elements at the institute who are spreading malicious information so as to undermine its credibility.

After the Principal’s submission, Mr. Okiror asked him to formally write a comprehensive response to the allegations, which he said would then inform IG’s next course of action.

“We are giving you only two weeks to compile the responses and they should be ready by September 6th, 2023. But also you should expect our officers to come to your institute to verify certain information,” Mr. Okiror said.