Ig Staff Get Financial Analysis Training

Ig staff get financial analysis training
Appeared on: 01 Feb 2021

Global trends in the fight against corruption are changing. Several Anti-Corruption Agencies all over the world are going digital. Following the Inspectorate of Government’s move to undertake digital migration of all its systems, there has been an increasing complexity in the nature of corruption cases the Inspectorate handles. For this reason, financial profiling in investigations is becoming crucial.

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) therefore found it prudent to train some of its staff in financial analysis.

Closing a three-day training of 16 IG staff on Financial Analysis Training for Accountants at Hotel Africana on Friday, the Deputy IGG, Ms. Mariam Wangadya, said that due the challenges involved in successfully investigating and prosecuting corruption cases due to high levels of sophistication to disguise corrupt acts, lack of a digital print and the syndicated nature of corruption these days, financial profiling is key in the conduct of investigations.

She highlighted the importance of investigators to develop the ability to spot red flags, which would enable them to tackle the most important issues raised in a complaint.

For his part, the Deputy IGG, Mr. George Bamugemereire, opened the training with a piece of advice that all training conducted for the IG should have a component of strengthening leadership so as to enhance the internal leadership talent pool, which will internally grow top leaders for the institution.

He expressed confidence that the training would go a long way to inspire IG investigators to commence investigations with the full confidence that the cases would be completed speedily, professionally and successfully from beginning to end.

The training, conducted by ABS Consulting Group in conjunction with Ortus Africa, was attended by staff from the Directorate of Special Investigations and the Directorate of Leadership Code led by the two respective Directors.