Ig Participates In Inaugural International Ombud Expo In Abuja

Ig participates in inaugural international ombud expo in abuja
Appeared on: 04 Nov 2019

The first International Ombud Expo took place in Abuja, Nigeria from 28th – 31st October, 2019. It was held on the theme, Extending the Ombud Frontiers: Better Governance, Enhanced Performance.

The Expo brought together over 500 national and specialty ombud and grievance handling offices from over 100 countries around the world.

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) was represented by the Director of Ombudsman Affairs, Mr. David Makumbi and three officers.

Mr. Makumbi presented a paper entitled “When the Ombudsman Fights Corruption – The Inspectorate of Government Perspective” on behalf of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Ms. Irene Mulyagonja.

He highlighted the IG’s unique mandate as both an Ombudsman and Anti-Corruption office. He mentioned the challenges that come with this broad mandate and the remedies being put in place.

The Expo was a first-time gathering of all ombud-types, complaint handlers, grievance offices and similar institutions in one location to showcase critical performance factors. The IG was recognised as an Outstanding Exhibitor during the Expo.

There were also one-on-one interactions and expert discussions where ombud leaders from different parts of the world shared experiences and gave unparalleled insight into how ombud institutions execute their roles and make a difference in governments and organisations across the globe.

Benchmarking visits were made to the head offices of the Nigerian Public Complaints Commission (PCCFC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja.