Ig Launches Declaration Of Income, Assets And Liabilities By Public Officers

Ig launches declaration of income, assets and liabilities by public officers
Appeared on: 19 May 2021

Today 19th May 2021, all Public Officers are required to start the process of submitting their declarations to the Inspectorate of Government. The deadline for declaration is 7th August, 2021. The Inspectorate of Government has put in place systems and mechanisms to ensure that all Public Officers can easily submit their declarations.

Declaration of Public Officers

The IG developed an online system, “The Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System (IG-ODS)” which makes it easy and faster for leaders to submit their declarations. The (IG-ODS) can be accessed on the IG website www.igg.go.ug.

How will a Public Officer declare?

1. Visit the Inspectorate of Government website: www.igg.go.ug

2. Click Declarations

3. Click the option for Public Officers

4. Click Self Registration and enter the details as required. NOTE: the telephone number and email address must be active.

5. Check your email for an invitation to declare link.

6. Click on the link to create your password.

7. Use the IG-ODS number in the email (e.g. PS20210519……) and LOG IN to commence the declaration.

8. For any inquiries: contact your Accounting Officer/nominated IG-ODS Focal Person or submit an inquiry using the “inquiries” module.

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