Ig And Ursb Discuss Better Service Provision

Ig and ursb discuss better service provision
Appeared on: 26 Apr 2019

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (DIGG), Mr. George Bamugemereire, lauded Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) for the tremendous strides made in service delivery and the fight against corruption.

Mr. Bamugemereire compared the current situation in the bureau to back in the day when it was marred by patronage and disorder.

He however suggested that for URSB to perform even better, illicit businesses and their proprietors should be exposed, there is need for an internal complaints handling mechanism and indeed in all MDAs, public offices should be held in trust for the people among others.

The DIGG was leading a delegation of eight senior Inspectorate of Government (IG) officers for a boardroom session on the invitation of the URSB Registrar General, Mr. Bemanya Twebaze.

Mr. Twebaze for his part said the data that URSB generates complements the IG’s work. He informed the meeting about the number of interventions undertaken by URSB to fight corruption that include a zero tolerance to corruption policy that is adhered to by all staff and anybody found acting otherwise is severely reprimanded, streamlined work processes supported by ICT technologies which enables provision of real time services, periodic internal and systems audits that follow up on work processes to enable adhering to the code of conduct expected of a public office among others.

He concluded by saying that the future for URSB is building a centre for excellent and reliable registration services.

As a way forward, the two agencies pledged to streamline their work methods especially during corruption investigations.

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