Gov'T Committed To Deal With All Corrupt Leaders - Vice President H.E. Jessica Alupo

Gov't committed to deal with all corrupt leaders - vice president h.e. jessica alupo
Appeared on: 30 Jul 2021

The government will deal with all errant leaders and public officers who have continued to misuse government funds and failed to deliver services to the citizens, Vice President H.E. Jessica Alupo, has said.

H.E. Alupo said the government has embarked on fighting corruption in this term because the vice deters development and derails service delivery.

In the National Resistance Movement (NRM) manifesto, Alupo said, the fight against corruption is one of the key areas that government will focus on.

“We need to be exemplary as leaders in fighting corruption, starting with ourselves. Corruption is partly an attitude issue and is seen in our behaviour. If for example you arrive late in office and leave early, and yet you get paid for a full day, you are being corrupt for getting what you did not earn. So, there is no small corruption. Corruption is corruption in all its shades,” she observed.

H.E. Alupo said this while opening the training of new leaders on the ‘online declaration system’ of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) in Kampala on Thursday. The function was attended by the state minister for Ethics and Integrity, Hon. Rose Lilly Akello, and the Deputy IGG, Ms Mariam Wangadya, the Secretary to IG, Mrs. Rose Kafeero among other leaders.

Vice President submitting her declaration

As a government, Alupo said, there was a need for unity in action to stop the spread of this cancer, and she appealed to all newly elected leaders to fully participate in the crusade against corruption.

The Vice President reminded leaders to be cognizant of the fact that Ugandans voted for them to work on their needs, and not for individual gains because they are holding public offices in the trust of the citizens.

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