District Leaders Pledge To Work With Ig To Fight Corruption

District leaders pledge to work with ig to fight corruption
Appeared on: 07 Dec 2022

Leaders from Katakwi, Kapelebyong and Soroti district local governments have pledged to work with staff from the Inspectorate of Government (IG) by giving them access to information that will help enable them identify corruption tendencies.

They made the pledge during boardroom sessions which were held at their respective headquarters on November 30 2022 and early December on 1st and 7th respectively.

The objectives of the boardroom sessions were to discuss corruption issues and seek for action plans and commitment from the leadership of the districts on how to combat corruption tendencies, and solicit for cooperation and strengthen the working relations between the two parties.

IG staff from Soroti Regional Office had earlier decried challenges of access to information while carrying out investigations in the named districts.

Some of the challenges cited by the IG staff include lack of cooperation by the district leadership and technical staff, habitual absenteeism and rampant cases relating to management of human resource of the stated districts, as well as mismanagement of the government assets and public funds.

The IG staff further highlighted areas where corruption tendencies were rampant including fraudulent procurements especially of project funds, ghost staff payroll and forgery of academic documents, civil servants’ engagement in partisan politics, and interference of the politicians in the work of the technical staff and the District Service Commissions.

The leadership of the three districts including Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) agreed to work with the IG to tighten the noose on corruption tendencies in their respective areas and ensure better service delivery.

The CAOs committed to among others improve management of the government assets, strengthening controls on managing public funds, doing due diligence to avoid fraudulent procurements, and partnering with IG to collectively fight corruption.

They asked the IG to always hold such sessions with them because they are proactive and preventive methods of fighting corruption.