Deputy Igg Tasks Contractor To Complete Road Works Within Two Months

Deputy igg tasks contractor to complete road works within two months
Appeared on: 07 Aug 2023

The Deputy Inspector General of Government, Dr. Patricia Achan Okiria, has given Multiplex (U) Ltd an ultimatum of two months to complete works on the 8.0km roads in Mbarara city, Ntungamo and Kabale municipalities under the Uganda Support for Municipal Development (USMID).

Dr. Okiria gave the two-month ultimatum on August 2, 2023 during her engagement with leaders of Kabale municipality, shortly after inspection of the earmarked roads. She had earlier inspected roads in both Mbarara city and Ntungamo municipality.

“I’m giving you [Multiplex] only two months to complete the road works because the project will end in December and we do not want the World Bank to take back the money due to the failure by the contractor to complete the road works. I will take the next punitive step if no work is done because the law gives me those powers,” Dr. Okiria warned.

The Deputy IGG, who led a team of technocrats from both the Inspectorate of Government (IG) and Ministry of Lands, the implementer of the USMID project, expressed dissatisfaction over the contractor’s failure to complete the road works, three years since he was awarded the contract.

Leaders in Mbarara city, Ntungamo and Kabale municipalities accused the contractor of incompetence, arguing that he failed to complete road works despite the fact that he had been given the money to execute work.

The Mayor of Mbarara city, Mr. Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi said they were under pressure from the public to have the roads completed, adding that they are ready to offer any necessary support to the contractor to complete the road works.

The proprietor of Multiplex (U) Ltd, Mr. Moses Bbosa, had earlier petitioned the IG claiming political sabotage by local leaders and failure by the municipalities to give him the necessary support.

However, Dr. Okiria revealed that both parties had failed to fulfill their obligations as per the contract.

Mr. Bbosa pledged to complete the works and asked both the leaders and the public to bear with him as he does his best within two months.