Deputy Igg Orders Arrest Of Ntungamo Engineers Over Shoddy Work

Deputy igg orders arrest of ntungamo engineers over shoddy work
Appeared on: 21 Aug 2023

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (DIGG), Mrs. Anne Twinomugisha Muhairwe on August 16, 2023 ordered the arrest of the Ntungamo district engineer, Mr Charles Kusemererwa and Roads Supervisor, Mr. Moses Twine over alleged diversion of funds leading to shoddy works on two roads.

The arrest was triggered by failure by the duo to produce Bills of Quantities during the inspection of roads in the district by a team from the Inspectorate of Government (IG) led by the DIGG.

The duo also failed to explain why the 25km Omungyenyi-Nyakambu-Omukarere-Kashanda road in Rushenyi County and the 14km Kagarama-Rukarango-Rwamabondo road in Kajara County had not been completed despite the release of over UGX600m to the district in the 2021/22 FY.

They also failed to produce proof of the money which had so far been spent on the two roads. A whistleblower told IG investigators that over UGX400m meant for the two roads was diverted and cannot be accounted for.

Mrs. Muhairwe tasked investigators to follow-up the matter and give her a report of their findings.