Danish Ambassador Pays Courtesy Call On Inspectorate Of Government

Danish ambassador pays courtesy call on inspectorate of government
Appeared on: 27 Oct 2022

The Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda H.E Signe Winding Albjerg has paid a courtesy call on the Inspectorate of Government (IG) and commended it for its effort in the fight against corruption.

H.E Albjerg, who was flanked by her deputy H.E Henrik Jespersen also pledged Denmark’s support to the IG.

“The embassy of Denmark is pleased by the work of the Inspectorate of Government and would like to congratulate you for taking the lead in the fight against corruption. We are very hopeful that our partnership with you will significantly improve your output and we hope that you will expedite the implementation of the current programmes where we are involved,” the Ambassador said.

It was her first visit to the Inspectorate since her appointment as an Ambassador to Uganda. Over the years, the Kingdom of Denmark through DANIDA has been providing invaluable support to the IG.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Hon. Beti Kamya Turwomwe acknowledged Denmark’s continued support and said that the IG was looking forward to sharing and benefiting from the Ambassador’s wide experience.

The IGG informed Ambassador Albjerg that of the total budget provided by the Government of Uganda to the Inspectorate, about 75% caters for salaries, wages and other statutory obligations and operating costs, while only about 25% is available for the work of fighting corruption.

“The financial support that we get from development partners is therefore very useful in supporting our work. The financial support from Denmark contributes a significant percentage of total donor funding,” the IGG said.

The IGG also told the Ambassador that the Inspectorate has changed the strategy to fight against corruption by taking the war out of the air-conditioned boardrooms, five-star hotels, business class air ticket and smart European cities to the grass root people of Uganda whom she says pay taxes but suffer a deficit of social services due to corruption.

Hon. Kamya further revealed to the Ambassador that the Inspectorate intends to engage the grass roots through the three arms of society that are effective in grass root mobilisation including the political, religious and cultural structure since they are respected and trusted by their followers.

“So, while we shall continue to investigate and prosecute cases of corruption, we intend to invest our energies in educating and sensitising grass root Ugandans about the evils of corruption to society growth and transformation until they relate it directly to their unenviable quality of life,” the IGG said.