African Regional Ombudsman Training Held In Lilongwe, Malawi

African regional ombudsman training held in lilongwe, malawi
Appeared on: 14 Feb 2018

The Deputy IGG, Mr. George Bamugemereire and the Director of Ombudsman Affairs, Mr David Makumbi represented the Inspectorate of Government at the African Regional Ombudsman Training which was conducted at the Binguwa Mutharika International Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi from 5th – 9th February 2018.

The Training attracted African Ombudsmen from over 19 countries. This attendance enriched the training experience for all participants as they were able to share both their experiences and challenges.

The participants were reminded about the basic role of the Ombudsman which were outlined as:

1. Ombudsmen offer their services free of charge, and are thus accessible to individuals who could not afford to pursue their complaints through the courts.

2. They are committed to achieving redress for the individual, but also, where they identify systemic failings, to seek changes in the work of the bodies in their jurisdiction, both individually and collectively.

3. They can generally undertake a single investigation into multiple complaints about the same topic, thus avoiding duplication and excessive cost.

4. They are neutral arbiters and not advocates nor “consumer champions”.

5. They normally ask the body concerned and the complainant to try to resolve complaints before commencing an investigation.

6. They usually seek to resolve disputes without resorting to formal investigations where this is possible and desirable.

7. Where they identify injustice, they seek to put this right.

The workshop was facilitated by renown Ombudsman Expert Professor Victor Ayeni from the United Kingdom.