3Rd Deputy Premier Launches Declaration Exercise Of Leaders In Lira

3rd deputy premier launches declaration exercise of leaders in lira
Appeared on: 01 Mar 2023

The 3rd Deputy Premier, Rt. Hon. Rukia Nakadama on March 1, 2023 launched the declaration period of income, assets and liabilities for Leaders in Lira City.

The exercise was launched under the theme: “Asset declarations; a tool for accountability to the citizens”. It will run from 1st March, 2023 and close on 31st March, 2023.

Rt. Hon. Nakadama, who submitted her online declaration, pledged her support towards ensuring that enabling laws and resources are available to the IG to do its work diligently.

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Articles 233 (2) and 234 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Section 4 of the Leadership Code Act, 2002 require leaders specified under the Second Schedule of the Act to declare to the Inspectorate of Government (IG) their income, assets and liabilities every two years in the month on March.

The previous declaration was done in March 2021.

Leaders are submitting their declarations online using the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System (IG-ODS), which is accessible on the IG website www.igg.go.ug

A leader who breaches the Code shall be investigated by the Inspectorate of Government and prosecuted before the Leadership Code Tribunal.

However, those who fall under the category of Public Officers are also supposed to declare following an amendment in the Leadership Code Act in 2021.

Public Officers are all those people, other than Leaders whose salaries are paid from the Consolidated Fund.

They are required to declare their income, assets and liabilities within 3 months after being appointed to a government job and thereafter every five years in the month of April.

This means that the next declaration period for Public Officers will be in April 2026.