Ug vs Dr. Eumu, former DHO Amuria District and Atai Hellen Doreen, former CFO Amuria District.

Ug vs dr. eumu, former dho amuria district and atai hellen doreen, former cfo amuria district. -
Coa-ca- 00182/2015
Updated on: 15 Mar 2021
Offence committed: Embezzlement, Causing Financial loss and False accounting, Abuse of office
Outcome: Conviction and sentence upheld as Appeal was dismissed. The Trial Court had ordered Dr. Eumu and Ms Atai to refund the UGX 43,500,000 on top of serving prison sentences. Atai had served the jail time but not refunded the money in issue, while Dr Eumu had not served jail time. The IG Asset Recovery Department is pursing recovery.