A1 Mutabwire Patrick, Ag. PS, A2 Wasolo Alfred, ex P. ACCT, A3 Ali Atabua, Snr ACCT, A4 Turyahabwe Wilberforce, PSA, A5 Wammwa Jackson, SSA in MoLG

A1 mutabwire patrick, ag. ps, a2 wasolo alfred, ex p. acct, a3 ali atabua, snr acct, a4 turyahabwe wilberforce, psa, a5 wammwa jackson, ssa in molg -
Hct-00-ac-co 099/2017
Updated on: 12 Aug 2021
Offence committed: 1. Diversion of Public Resources 2. Embezzlement 3. Abuse of Office 4. Causing Financial Loss 5. False Accounting Corruption
Outcome: Case withdrawn against Mutabwire. He refunded UGX 300,000,000 part of the money which was misappropriated.