Whistleblower Asks Igg To Probe Dr. Kasekende

Whistleblower asks igg to probe dr. kasekende
Appeared in PML Dailyon 05 Mar 2020

KAMPALA – A whistleblower has asked the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to conduct a fresh investigation into what he described as illicit wealth by former Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda Dr. Louis Kasekende.

In a letter received by the office of the IGG on Monday, March 2, 2020, titled confidential notes, the whistleblower, a one Charles claims that Dr. Kasekende whose contract President Museveni did not renew in January, has accumulated a lot of illicit wealth; both money and properties in leafy suburbs of Kampala and Wakiso districts.

One of the declarations of income, assets and liabilities forms filled by Dr. Kasekende recently shows that he owns property worth about UGX.8 billion in upscale areas of Kampala, Wakiso and other areas. He is also a shareholder of Green Hill schools, has a farm in Bukasa valued at UGX.500 million among others.

In the declaration form, Dr. Kasekende says he picked loans from commercial banks and used his statutory salary, savings from research, gratuity payments and travel allowances to build rentals and acquire the assets.

The Leadership Code Act 2002 requires all specified leaders to declare their Incomes, Assets, and Liabilities to the Inspector General of Government. The Code prohibits conduct that is likely to compromise the honesty, impartiality, and integrity of leaders or conduct that leads to corruption in public affairs and it imposes penalties on leaders who breach the Code.

The whistleblower claims that Dr. Kasekende has interests in a Zambian company, whose account in one of the banks in Zambia can be availed.

Dr. Kasekende last year denied some of these claims and publicly declared his wealth.