State Attorney Arrested After Receiving Bribe

State attorney arrested after receiving bribe
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 13 Oct 2022

A state attorney in Kabale District in western Uganda has been arrested after he allegedly received a bribe of Shs125, 000 as an inducement to close a criminal case.

Edwin Mbabazi is said to have solicited for Shs500, 000 as an inducement to close a criminal case of trespass against a resident of Kyanamira town council, Kabale district.

“He was however, arrested while receiving a part payment of Shs125, 000,” said the IGG. According to the IGG who effected Mbabazi’s arrest with the help of police, the attorney will be charged for soliciting and receiving gratification.

Details of the case

“The Inspectorate of Government received a complaint from a member of the public who alleged that a case of criminal trespass was reported against him at Kyanamira Police Station and later, the case was transferred to Kabale Central Police Station. He had been arrested and released on bond by Kabale Police on 30 September 2022,” reads part of the IGG’s Thursday statement.

When he reported back to Police, he was told that his case had been forwarded to the State Attorney Kabale. He then went to the office of the State Attorney to inform him that there was another civil matter which was before the Chief Magistrates Court in Kabale concerning the same land he was accused to trespass under court file No. Civil Misc. Application No. 39 of 2022.

“That the State Attorney called Edwin Mbabazi promised to peruse through his file and get back to him through his phone number. That Mr Edwin Mbabazi contacted him on Monday 10 October 2022 using a telephone number +25678855009 and asked him to offer a bribe worth Shs500, 000 in order to close the criminal case against him. This prompted him to report the matter to Kabale Regional Office for redress,” the IGG added.

Mbabazi is the second State Attorney to be arrested in six months for allegedly soliciting a bribe, the first one being Mr Charles Bwiiso who was caught in Masindi District in March allegedly receiving a deposit of Shs1.5 million bribe from a suspect’s family.

Mr Mbabazi’s arrest coincides with World Ombuds Day which Uganda celebrated for the first time.

The day held on the second Thursday of October is an international celebration to highlight the ombuds profession and improve public awareness of the ombuds function.

The acting director of the Ombudsman affairs at the Inspectorate of Government, Justus Kalebi said one of the challenges they face is limited awareness of the functions of the Ombudsman’s mandate by the public, hence the need to use such a day to create awareness among members of the public.

He revealed that in a period between July 2021 and June 2022, a total of 320 complaints were registered with the majority relating to non-payment of benefits and employment disputes.

“The highest number has come from the area of non-payment and this specifically to do with allowances, salaries, and gratuities,” he said.