Public Officers Have Up To August 7 To Declare

Public officers have up to august 7 to declare
Appeared in The New Visionon 01 Jul 2021

The government has given public officers who have not yet declared their wealth up to August 7 to do so.

According to the Inspectorate of Government, which is the office responsible for ensuring compliance, it will not be possible to carry out the mandatory activity after August 7, despite disruptions caused by the lockdown.

As such, officials who will not have declared their wealth by midnight of August 7, will be considered to have defaulted.

'While the country is now under lockdown, the Inspectorate of Government has put in place systems to ensure that all public officers can easily and safely submit their declarations using the IG online Declaration system (IG-ODS), which is accessible from the Inspectorate of Government website,' the Inspectorate of Government said in a statement on Wednesday.

Leaders are by law required to declare their wealth within three months of assuming their positions and six months after exiting the offices. The activity is also supposed to be done after every two years while one is holding public office.

Categories of such people include all political leaders from the sub-county level up to the President as well as executive and accounting officers in the government ministries, departments, and agencies.

In 2011, former Lubaga South MP, Ken Lukyamuzi, was ejected from Parliament for failure to declare his wealth.