Presidency Leads In Wealth Declaration - Igg

Presidency leads in wealth declaration - igg
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 02 Mar 2021

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has named the most and least compliant leaders when it comes to declaring their incomes, assets and liabilities as per the Leadership Code Act. The IGG also said members of the 50 registered political parties in the country are among the top offenders.

While unveiling the 2021 online wealth declaration system in Kampala yesterday, Ms Mariam Wangadya, the deputy IGG, said apart from the leaders and members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, all the leaders of other political parties have not declared their incomes, assets and liabilities as required.

“Except NRM, the members and leaders of the other political parties are not declaring. These are very informed and learned people who are not complying with the law. When the tribunal comes into force, we shall prosecute them. We are just alerting them,” she said.

Asked how they know that leaders and members of Opposition political parties are not declaring their wealth, she said when they were ranking the most and least compliant institutions in asset declaration, none of the political parties featured in their system.

“This is the time for leaders to take stock and tell the story of their journey by being transparent about their assets, incomes and liabilities and how they acquired it for the protection of public funds,” said Mr George Bamugemereire, another deputy IGG.

The Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera said unless unlawfully acquired, ownership of property is not illegal and declaring it helps in fighting graft.

The IGG revealed the most and least compliant government institutions and districts in wealth declarations.