Police Ranked Top Corrupt Institution Again

Police ranked top corrupt institution again
Appeared in The New Visionon 26 Feb 2021

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has again emerged as the most corrupt institution in Uganda.

This is according to the Fourth National Integrity Survey Report, which ranked the general police as the worst department in extorting money from members of the public in the form of bribery.

The general duties police, standing at 70% overall, was followed by the traffic police department at 67% and the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID).

Several reports, including that by Transparency International, have consistently ranked the Uganda Police Force as the most corrupt institution in Uganda.

This survey was conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) on behalf of the Inspectorate of Government (IG) in 15 sub-regions of Uganda, representing both rural and urban areas.

It used a mixed approach of data collection including quantitative (figures) and the qualitative method, which focused on group discussions.

At least 76% of the population believed that corruption was on the increase in the public sector.

The three police departments are followed by the courts of law and land tribunals (53%), followed by the land offices, which were ranked on the same standing as well as the public health facilities (47), which include hospitals and health centers.

The district service commissions (45) are ranked number six and were followed by the agriculture extension services that include the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) and Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

Fr. Simon Lokodo, the state minister for ethics and integrity launched the report at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on Thursday.

At least 59.5 percent of the population thought that greed or the need for quick money individual tendency was the main cause of bribery.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) was ranked highest (53%) among institutions that had put in efforts to combat corruption followed by the IG at 49% and the Police at 44%.