Igg Probes Kyambogo Bosses

Igg probes kyambogo bosses
Appeared in Mulengera Newson 02 Mar 2021

For years, the GoU through the Ministry of ICT has been supporting digitization and computerization of service delivery (e-kampus program) at all public Universities including Kyambogo. The Ministry procured a uniform management system to promote e-services delivery yet Kyambogo University has curiously continued expending lots of money in favour of a service provider company called COMPUSOFT UGANDA LTD which purports to continue offering the very same services similar to what is already imbedded in the ICT Ministry-availed management system.

It’s being alleged that annually, Shs79.2m is paid out through the company’s account operated in DFCU Bank. It’s against this background that the whistle blower last week petitioned the IGG demanding for action and interventions aimed at saving this continuous haemorrhaging of the already very scarce public resources. The whistle blower asserts that plenty of financial loss has been caused to Uganda’s 2nd most prestigious Public University for now four years since 2018.

The whistle blower implores the IGG to become keenly interested in the University’s Director Information Communication Technology (DICTs) Dr. John Okuonzi and another officer called Henry Tumusiime. That the two officers should explain why they continue engaging in such pro-COMPUSOFT UGANDA Ltd procurements well knowing the service they are purporting to procure is already abundantly being provided by the GoU through the ICT Ministry. The whistle blower furnishes the IGG with plenty of paper work relating to all transactions concerning the impugned company or service provider.

The whistle blower, whose petition was received by the Inspectorate, filed and allocated case number on Monday 1st March 2021, also implores the IGG to inquire into the circumstances under which the Kyambogo top management has continued to keep a blind eye on this clear financial loss for now four years well knowing that the very same services that DICTS purports to procure from COMUPSOFT UGANDA Ltd is already being procured and abundantly made available to the University by the GoU through the ICT Ministry.

The clearly public-spirited whistle blower also calls upon the IGG to inquire into circumstances and the reasons under which the two Kyambogo University officials came to study and acquire their qualifications from the University of Burkina Faso, a French-Speaking country, without themselves being fluent French speakers. “Please take action into all these things at Kyambogo University,” the whistle blower implores the IGG in his/her conclusion.

It will recalled Dr. John Okuonzi is not an entirely new officer to controversy because even last year, his name featured prominently in the disputed transcripts’ procurement which resulted into him being investigated by the University Council through Appointments Boards which sanctioned him with a caution as many stakeholders protested arguing that was too light.