Igg Moves To Unmask Leaders Hiding Assets

Igg moves to unmask leaders hiding assets
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 24 Aug 2020

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has said they are working on a new strategy to expose public leaders who hide their undeclared wealth behind their children’s names.

While meeting members of the new Leadership Code Tribunal on Friday, Mr George Bamugemereire, the deputy IGG, said the purpose of the Leadership Code Act is to ensure public leaders declare their income and assets, but the current law is weak on definition of breaches of the law and prescription of the punishment.

He said the IGG has submitted proposed amendments in the law to Parliament seeking to expand the breaches, offences and punishment, for example when one tells lies and under declares assets.

“Every provision of the law should be designed to achieve its purpose. Under the old law, if one did not declare in two years, it would constitute a breach but it did not prescribe the punishment and penalties to the breaches,” Mr Bamugemereire said.

He explained that the Leadership Code Tribunal is supposed to be a court to enforce the Leadership Code Act by prescribing punishments and penalties to leaders who defy it by telling lies.

“The United Kingdom has recently passed a law on the beneficial ownership of property so that even if you register it in the names of the spouse or children, the law allows you to see the people with interests behind such property and few courts around the world have gone that far,” he added.