Igg Kamya Issues Clarion Call Against Corruption

Igg kamya issues clarion call against corruption
Appeared in The New Visionon 23 Sep 2021

KAMPALA - The Inspector of General of Government (IGG), Beti Kamya, has said her main focus will be on creating a more conducive environment for whistleblowers and other Ugandans to report corruption cases without being easily identified.

The corruption fight is not the work of only the IGG and the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, she underlined.

On her first day at her new office, at the Inspectorate of Government head offices in Kampala, Kamya told reporters that the fight against corruption should be branded a public war.

Her primary strategy will be to sensitise the public about the evils of corruption and promotion of constitutionalism and the rule of law to empower the people.

According to the IGG, prevention is better than cure.

“As much as we shall continue to hunt the corrupt, we are also going to pay a lot of attention to detection and prevention. Because allowing people to steal first and run after them takes a lot of energy and resources and you might not even recover what is lost,” said Kamya.

But the detection and prevention strategy against corruption can only be done with the involvement of the entire population.

“It is going to be everybody’s war. People must personalise the cost of corruption so that everybody knows that it is me they are stealing.

'People who earn salaries work hard. They are paid a salary and 30% of the salary goes to tax as Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and somebody comes and takes it? You should know that they have stolen from you,” said Kamya, who was appointed as IGG this year.

She said if everyone is cautiously aware that there are those who are being ripped off, then everybody will be part of this war.