Igg Issues Ultimatum On Wealth Declaration

Igg issues ultimatum on wealth declaration
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 30 Jul 2021

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has given all newly elected leaders 17 days to declare their wealth as per the Leadership Code Act, 2002.

The outgoing deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG), Ms Mariam Wangadya, asked leaders in public offices to declare their wealth using the online platform.

Speaking at the sensitisation meeting in Kampala yesterday, Ms Wangadya said all elected leaders are supposed to comply with the Leadership Code Act, 2002, on declaration of their income, assets and liabilities.

“Currently we have 25,000 leaders from 312 institutions who are registered in the IG online data base, and we are expecting 400,000 public officers to declare. So far, about 100,000 public leaders have already registered,” she said.

“The deadline for public officers is August 7, 2021, while for newly elected leaders, it is August 14, 2021. If you do not submit a declaration within that period, you are late and will be penalised,” she added.

Ms Wangadya said the fines for late submission range between Shs400,000 and Shs800,000 per month.

“The penalty is a fine of Shs400,000 per month for the initial three months of non- submission of the declaration. After the initial three months of non-submission, you pay a fine not exceeding Shs800,000 per month for two months and after that the tribunal has a right to make any decision,” she said.

She also explained that after five months of non-compliance, the emolument of the leader can be withheld until declaration is submitted, and they can be demoted or dismissed for refusal to comply with the rules.

“False declaration also lead to a penalty of paying a fine not exceeding Shs200,000 for two months and also lead to demotion and dismissal of office or confiscation of undeclared assets,” she said.

Ms Annet Twine, the director of the leadership code, said once they receive the declarations forms, they verify their accuracy and then communicate to the leaders.

The requirements

The public leaders are supposed to submit a salary pays lip, appointment letter, bank account details, and sale and purchase agreements details, certificate of title details, motor vehicle logbooks, share certificate details, loan agreements and loan payment schedules, tenancy agreements and certificates of incorporation, among others.