Ig Launches Self-Registration System

Ig launches self-registration system
Appeared in The New Visionon 23 Oct 2020

KAMPALA - In order to ease the process of declaration of incomes, assets and liabilities for new leaders, the Inspectorate of Government has launched a new self-registration system that will enable new leaders to declare their wealth online without going through any hustles.

Launching the system yesterday at the IGG offices, the Deputy Inspector of Government George Bamugemereire, however, expressed concern that despite the provisions, most leaders assuming office and those exiting are not declaring, complicating the work of the inspectorate.

"For purposes of transparency and accountability, it is important that new and exiting leaders declare their wealth to enable the inspectorate to track their wealth records while in office. Regrettably, many are not doing so," he said.

He warned that with the appointment of the Leadership Tribunal, severe sanctions will be taken against individuals who violet the law.

"Any new leader who fails to declare within three months of appointment is in breach of the Code and is liable to penalties as specified in the Act. The same applies to leaders who exit leadership positions and do not comply. We should all be aware that with the electronic system and the Tribunal, breaches will attract severe sanctions," Bamugemereire warned.

The Leadership Code of Conduct for leaders requires specified officers to declare their incomes assets and liabilities from time to time and how they acquired or incurred them.

Under the Act, there are three occasions when specified leaders are required to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities to the Inspectorate of Government. The categories include three months after assuming a position of leadership, after every two years in March and on ceasing to be a leader.

The self -registration system will allow new leaders using the Inspectorate of Government online declaration system for the first time to register their details into the system.

Using the new system, individuals who have ceased to be leaders will be required to fill an exit declaration which will be automatically submitted to the inactive database and be retrieved into the active database in case the leader assumes another leadership position.

Leaders who have used the system before will also declare using the new system. The system was launched on Friday by state minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo.

Lokodo said with a number of measures already in place, the inspectorate has been strengthened in the fight against corruption.

"I feel so happy that with these tools, the fight against corruption is being strengthened. Now act on those people without fear or favour, including ministers," he said.