Ig Launches Digital Forensic Laboratory

Ig launches digital forensic laboratory
Appeared in The New Visionon 14 Oct 2020

The Inspectorate of Government has launched a digital forensic laboratory that will help trace crime that is committed electronically.

Launching the lab on Wednesday the deputy IGG, George Bamugemereire, noted that criminals had moved from traditional documentation to electronic means and, therefore, the Inspectorate also had to move to be able to tackle the problem.

The digital lab is a collection of specialised techniques, processes and procedures used to preserve, extract, analyse, and present electronic evidence that is found in digital devices often in relation to digital crime.

"This specialised hardware and software equipment whose authenticity is globally acceptable and whose results are acceptable and unquestionable in courts of law will go a long way in helping us tackle sophisticated corruption cases," Bamugemerire said at the launch.