Ibanda Treasurer Arrested Over Embezzlement

Ibanda treasurer arrested over embezzlement
Appeared in The New Visionon 25 Mar 2021

The regional Inspectorate of government (IG) has arrested senior finance officer and Treasurer Igorora town council in Ibanda district, Ezra Nimusiima for allegedly embezzling town council’s local revenue.

According to IG regional manager, Mr Fredrick Oketch Nimusiima collected Shs 28.9 million last year and put it to personal use while working as treasurer at Ishongorera town council.

“Mr Ezra Nimusiima is a senior treasurer, so while deployed in Ishongorero town council he collected Shs 28.9 million in the financial year 2018/19 but he did not bank it neither did he account for it so he used it for his personal use,’’ Mr Oketch said.

Mr Oketch said Mr Nimusiima is not a first offender as he was arrested on realted charges in 2018 where he went for plea bargain before refunding the money.

“It was local revenue collected so being the treasurer he was the custodian of all the money so he collected it from the tax man and he did not bank it. We had arrested him for similar charges in 2018 so he went to court and asked for plea bargain and he had to refund the money,’’ said Mr Oketch.

Mr Oketch said the suspect was transferred to Igorora town council in 2020 but the inspectorate ordered the chief administrative officer to interdict him since he was doing the same things a month after being transferred.

“When we started investigations eight months ago he was interdicted,’’ Mr Oketch added.

He is expected to appear before Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala on March 25, 2021.

Mr Nimusiima said to have admitted using the said money for his personal use despite collecting it as local revenue for Ishongorero town council.

He has been charged with embezzlement contrary to section 19 (A) 1and 3 of the Anti-Corruption Act and causing financial loss contrary to section 20 of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2009.