Bobi Wine Asked To Declare Armored Car Or Lose It

Bobi wine asked to declare armored car or lose it
Appeared in Nile Poston 25 Mar 2021

The Inspector-General of Government (IGG) has said that National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine risks losing his newly acquired bulletproof car should he fail to declare it to the government in the coming 35 days.

Beginning next month, the IGG will commence the process of receiving the declaration of assets from leaders and public servants in the country as required by the constitution and leadership Code Act.

Speaking to the media about the process which commences March 1st, 2021, the IGG George Bamugemereire revealed that he expects Bobi Wine to declare his newly acquired car and how he got it.

“There are many ways people acquire property but our requirement is to receive their declaration as far as this property is concerned and there is provision for them to indicate under what means,” Bamugemereire said.

He added that the issue of Bobi Wine’s car will only come into the discussion after the process concludes on 31st March.

“For now, let everyone make the declaration,” he added.

Bamugemereire noted that those who do not satisfy the declaration process risk being sanctioned by the government and losing this property.

“As a result of our investigations, we have recommended sanctions to be imposed on 280 public officers in one year,” he said.

Speaking about the same issue, Director Leadership Code Annet Twine says they look forward to seeing if Bobi Wine will declare the car.

“We shall see how he explains the acquisition of the car, I have not been following it and do not know if he has explained how he acquired it but I hope it will be included clearly during declaration,” Twine said.

According to Leadership Code Act 2002: A person shall submit to the Inspector-General a written declaration of the leader’s income, assets, and liabilities, the names, income, assets, and liabilities of his or her spouse, child, and dependant in the prescribed form, without prejudice to the rights of the leader’s spouse, child and dependant to independently own property.

The code also states that; A gift or donation to a leader on any public or ceremonial occasion, or commission to a leader on any transaction shall be treated as a gift or donation or commission to the Government or institution represented by the leader and shall be declared to the Inspector-General, but the government or institution shall keep an inventory of any such gifts.

Section 35 of the Act states that: A leader who commits a breach of this Code shall- (a) in the case of a breach under subsection (7) of section 4, have the excess or undeclared property confiscated and forfeited to the Government.