Vice President Launches Declaration Period 2017

Vice president launches declaration period 2017
Appeared on: 03 Mar 2017

The declaration of income assets and liabilities period 2017 was launched by H.E. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda in Masaka District. As part of the launch, the Vice President joined the leaders of Masaka District to make his declaration to the IGG using the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System (IG-ODS).

Launching the exercise at Masaka Secondary School in Masaka Municipality, Hon. Ssekandi called upon members of the public to actively participate in the fight against corruption and maladministration.

He observed that ordinary citizens are the most affected when resources are plundered because they are denied access to basic services they are entitled to and further retained in poor living conditions.

“You are the eyes and ears in promoting good governance, when the resources are plundered by your leaders, community, family members, those you know or suspect, I urge you to report,” Ssekandi urged.

During the function attended by Masaka District and Municipality leaders, the Vice President reminded all leaders that the Leadership Code Act requires all the eligible leaders to declare their income, assets and liabilities, failure of which bears a heavy penalty.

He acknowledged that computer knowledge in the country is still a challenge, but urged especially elected leaders to rise above the challenge.

He also commended the Inspectorate of Government for the initiative and the efforts in fighting corruption and called upon all Government agencies to join the Inspector General of Government (IGG) in the crusade against corruption and maladministration.

Vice President's Speech

The IGG Justice Irene Mulyagonja said the system is cheap, effective, efficient and convenient as one fills the forms online at their convenience from any location on the globe.

She also disclosed that Government in the process of setting up a tribunal that will handle leaders who breach the Leadership Code Act issues, including those who fail to declare their wealth or those who under declare.

IGG's Speech

This was a part of a strategy to mobilise leaders to start declaring to the IGG as required by law. All leaders are required to make their declarations by 31st March 2017.