Political Leaders Trained To Fight Corruption

Political leaders trained to fight corruption
Appeared on: 19 Mar 2020

The Inspectorate of Government in collaboration with Mid-Western Region Anti-Corruption Coalition (MIRAC) is training Political Leaders at all levels on their role in the fight against corruption to ensure their renewed commitment to fight the vice in their communities.

This is in line with its constitutional mandate, which is “to stimulate public awareness about the values of constitutionalism in general and the activities of its office in particular, through any media and other means it considers appropriate”.

The purpose of the training was to: Sensitize local leaders on the role of the IG and the Public in the fight against corruption; empower local leaders to detect, prevent and report corruption related cases and how to access information and monitor community projects.

The trainings have taken place in Kakumiro and Rubanda Districts. Plans are underway to have similar trainings in the Eastern and Northern regions of Uganda.