Makerere University Anti-Corruption Youth Team (Acyt) Commemorate The International Anti-Corruption Day

Makerere university anti-corruption youth team (acyt) commemorate the international anti-corruption day
Appeared on: 10 Nov 2017

The Makerere University Anti-Corruption Youth Team (ACYT) organized commemoration of this year’s IACD (2017) at Makerere University (MUK) one month ahead of the Designated IACD to allow for students to participate before they break off for third term’s holidays. The participants were drawn from both Secondary Schools, tertiary Institutions and from MUK.

The activity was in collaboration with Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, Inspectorate of Government and Transparency International. Mrs. Christine Iga, a Senior Inspectorate Officer (SIO), who represented the IG, made a presentation on “the Role of the IG and how the Youth can participate in the fight against Corruption”. Ms. Joan Ayikoru, an Inspectorate Officer (IO) was also in attendance.

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