Lugazi Municipal Council Senior Official Convicted On All Counts Of Embezzlement And Abuse Of Office

Lugazi municipal council senior official convicted on all counts of embezzlement and abuse of office
Appeared on: 24 Jan 2020

The Anti-Corruption Court convicted John Baptist Mubiru on all the counts of embezzlement and abuse of office. Mubiru was the Senior Assistant Town Clerk, Najjembe Division in Lugazi Municipal Council.

He was sentenced to fine of UGX4.5m or two years imprisonment on Count One and to a fine of UGX3.6m or two years imprisonment on count 2, to run concurrently.

He was further ordered to refund UGX31,864,400 to Government within one year or either imprisonment or payment of the above fines. He had no money and was accordingly taken to Luzira.

Mubiru embezzled the above funds which were meant for road rehabilitation and office renovation, when he approved the payment to Stegeo Development Association and later ordered them to transfer the funds to his account.

The company was not pre-qualified for road construction nor were they even registered for such execution.