Igg Calls On Inspectorate Officers To Have Humility

Igg calls on inspectorate officers to have humility
Appeared on: 10 Apr 2017

“As a leader you must be humble. Without Humility a leader does not go far. It is the greatest virtue that a leader can have”. This is what the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza told the Inspectorate Officers at the end of a two week leadership training in Kyankwanzi.

The IGG officiated at the pass out of 79 Inspectorate Officers, staff of the Inspectorate of Government, who had undergone a two week training on leadership skills, investigating skills and self defense. The objective of the training was to enhance the leadership and technical skills of the Inspectorate Officers so that they execute their duties well. The arms and defensive skills would also help them defend themselves in the course of their work.

She noted that the lack of leadership skills was the cause of the many problems in various government institutions in Uganda. She said that being a manager and being a leader required different skills. She cautioned Ugandans against voting leaders who lacked the skills to lead. She said it had been her dream to have Inspectorate of Government staff trained and she was excited that it was now a reality.

On the training, the IGG challenged the participants to put what they had learnt into practice. She appealed to the participants to be more committed, diligent and efficient in performing their duties in order to take the Inspectorate of Government to greater heights. She thanked the organizers, Directorate of Education staff, the Director and facilitators of NALI and the participants for completing the training and the great work done.

The IGG, Ms Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza (centre), Director NALI, Brigadier David Kasura Kyomukaka (right) and Director for Education, Mr JJ Rwereeza (left), admiring the skills being exhibited by the Inspectorate Officers during their pass out at NALI.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Director of NALI, Brigadier David Kasura Kyomukama, said that the training was sufficient to help the IG staff to improve the fight against corruption. He congratulated the staff for their conduct and discipline during the training, and also for the change in attitude which they exhibited during the two weeks. He urged the participants to seek knowledge and advised them that a leader needs to continuously seek knowledge to be a good leader. He also advised them to share what they had learnt with those who had not been part of the training. He said: “do not stop learning and go and teach.” “Be part of those who will make the world better,” he added. Mr Rwereeza Jossy Jules, the Director for Education and Prevention of Corruption congratulated the participants for successfully completing the training. He thanked the IGG for prioritizing the training of the staff and said that this was going to have a great impact on how they will execute their duties.

After the training, the following staff were recognized and the IGG congratulated them. These were:

Byarugaba Kenneth Niwagaba – Best Overall

Mugisha Ruth – 2nd Best Overall

Best Female – Mugisha Ruth

Most Disciplined – Achili Elizabeth

Best in skills at Arms – Onyait Bernard