Ig To Monitor Nusaf Iii Through Csos

Ig to monitor nusaf iii through csos
Appeared on: 10 Nov 2017

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) signed Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with a total of 31 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in greater Northern Uganda to help in monitoring the implementation of Northern Uganda Social Action Fund [NUSAF III] project and other government projects.

The CSOs are partnering and collaborating with the Inspectorate of Government to implement the Citizen Engagement Framework referred to as “Community Responsibility to Enhance Transparency and Accountability, CRETA’, Activity of the Third Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF III), Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption Component (STAAC) being implemented in the 56 districts in the NUSAF III project area.

This activity is a follow up on the successful implementation of the Social Accountability and Community Monitoring (SACM) of Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption (TAAC) Sub-component of NUSAF II. The overall objective of the CRETA activity is ‘ to build the capacity of community monitoring groups (CMGs) to enhance community responsibility, transparency and accountability in the implementation of the NUSAF III sub-projects and other government programs.

Deputy IGG George Bamugemereire officiated at the MOU signing in Mbale for 14 CSOs and Deputy IGG Mariam Wangadya officiated at the MOU signing in Gulu for 17 CSOs.

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