Court Rules That Accused Persons In Mukono-Katosi Road Scam Have A Case To Answer

Court rules that accused persons in mukono-katosi road scam have a case to answer
Appeared on: 16 Oct 2017

The Head of the Anti-corruption court Justice Lawrence Gidudu has ordered former works Minister Eng. Abraham Byandala and 6 others to defend themselves against charges of causing government a 24.7 billion shilling loss, meant to upgrade the Mukono- Katosi-Nyenga road in 2013. Justice Gidudu found a prima facie case to answer against each of the accused persons basing on the evidence of 23 prosecution witnesses.

Justice Gidudu particularly wants Byandala to explain whether it was a policy directive for him to direct UNRA to sign a contract with Eutaw Construction Company, and if so was that directive laid before parliament and gazetted as required by the UNRA Act? In addition, he wants Byandala to explain the manner and tone he used in the letter he wrote to his Junior Minister John Byabagambi, while defying the IGG's directive to have the said works halted.

The former UNRA Executive Director Eng. Berunado Kimeze Ssebbugga, will explain why he communicated the award and signed the contract in the circumstances where the identity of the contractor and the capacity of the construction company were clearly in question.

Other UNRA officials who also have a case to answer are Joe Ssemugooma, Wilberforce Senjako and Marvin Baryaruha who is accused of having misadvised his employer into signing the said contract with Eutaw construction company before due diligence was carried out on the allegedly suspicious company.

The city businessman Apollo Senkeeto is to defend himself against allegations of theft of the 24.7 billion shillings when he falsely held out as the representative of Eutaw Mississippi the company that was given the award, and former Housing Finance Bank official, Isaac Mugote who aided Senkeeto to access money from UNRA will also have to defend himself.

In reply all the accused persons have told court that they will give their defense on oath but Senkeeto asked for security protection on that date because his evidence might be of bad test to people of influence.

Justice Gidudu then adjourned the matter to 30th October, 2017 and promised to handle Senkeeto's request administratively.