Community Intervention Leads To Acquisition Of Ambulance: Pawor Success Story

Community intervention leads to acquisition of ambulance: pawor success story
Appeared on: 23 Mar 2020

Members of Pawor Community received an Ambulance donated by Father Acora Kalbert to transport the sick especially expectant mothers to Pawor Health Centre. This was a result of the monitoring visit conducted by Community Monitoring Group Members (CMGs) who established that the members of the community were not accessing health services because of lack of transport.

The Social Accountability Training for CMGs in Pawor Sub County in Madi Okollo was conducted by the Inspectorate of Government in October 2019. After the training, CMGs organized a monitoring visit to Pawor Health Centre III where they discovered that the most pressing challenge in the community was transport. This area is far away from Arua Hospital, Nebbi Hospital and Pakwach Health Centre IV. There was no Ambulance at the facility and expectant mothers had lost lives in the process of looking for a means of transportation.

Reverend Father Acora Kalbert who hails from the Sub County donated a Land Cruiser ambulance to the Health Centre which is now being used for referral purposes.

The Communities resolved to register all households in the area to make a contribution of UGX 20,000 each to facilitate the driver and fuel annually, since the driver is not on any payroll.