Minister Asks Igg To Investigate Abim Officials

Minister asks igg to investigate abim officials
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 04 Jul 2017

Abim. Some government projects in Abim District have been abused, prompting the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mr John Byabagambi, to ask the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to probe into alleged corruption.

Minister Byabagambi, who was touring government buildings, recently, was shocked to learn that a good number of government projects are incomplete yet huge sums of money have been cleared for spending on them.

The minister observed that government has released millions of money for the construction of various projects but the money has not been put to proper use since it cannot be accounted for and where it has been invested, shoddy work has been done.

“This is terrible and we can’t accept Abim District to paint a bad picture of all the projects that have been undertaken in Karamoja sub-region,” he said before stopping the ongoing renovation of Kiru Primary School, one of the schools in Abim Town Council.

Abim Town Council has so far spent about Shs200m to renovate seven classroom buildings. All are without a ring beam and there is no value for money.

Mr Byabagambi noted that the district had continued allocating huge amounts of money to renovate dilapidated buildings at exaggerated costs worth constructing new buildings for teachers and pupils’ classrooms.

He directed the Abim District Resident District Commissioner, Mr Hashaka Mpimbaza, to ensure that no work takes place at Kiru Primary School until IGG investigates whether there is value for money for the project.

He said his office was aware of some district officials who were deliberately swindling public funds through renovating condemned structures adding that those found guilty should face the law.

The minister also criticised Northern Uganda Social Action Fund 2 projects, where the district benefited, saying its impact has not yet been felt other than sign posts that are erected all over about the project.

Last month, police in Abim District arrested three workers attached to God Willing General traders for allegedly doing shoddy work.

The three were arrested at the town council abattoir site under the orders of Mr Hashaka. They had been contracted to fence off the town council abattoir at a cost of Shs17m. But the RDC said the poles and quantity of barbed wires used was of poor quality.

But the district officials instead threatened to take legal action against RDC for interfering with work.

Mr Jimmy Ocero, the Abim District chairperson, confirmed receiving the verbal communication from the RDC about the ministers’ directive but demanded for the official letter from the minister.

“The minister has always been writing to me but this time around I don’t know what went wrong but it’s okay and calling for IGG to investigate the district is good but we should learn to share the information with the district leaders,” he said.