Igg Warns Against Manipulation Of Bidding Process

Igg warns against manipulation of bidding process
Appeared in The New Visionon 26 Oct 2017

The Inspector General of Government has said politicians, officials in Government institutions and suppliers are conniving to manipulate the procurement processes for selfish gain.

Ms Irene Mulyagonja said the processes get violated in many ways, including tendering of forged documents and deliberately submitting bids late so that they can complain and delay the process. This leads to a rerun of the bidding.

Mulyagonja noted that corruption in the bidding processes is denying the general public value for the taxes paid.

She said corruption has toxic effects on society and is a liability to a country because it increases the cost of providing services and conducting business.

Mulyagonja made the remarks recently while officiating at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) suppliers forum at Golf Court Hotel in Kampala.