Igg Quizzes Minister Lokeris Over Chinese Cash

Igg quizzes minister lokeris over chinese cash
Appeared in Red Pepperon 13 Nov 2017

The Minister of State for Mineral Development and MP Chekwii County responded to IG summons last week and answered questions on allegations of influence peddling and misuse of office regarding a government project undertaken in 2013, Moroto-Nakapiripirit road.

Events of 5 years ago surfaced this year after a whistleblower approached the IGG with a request to investigate sh9b which was withdrawn from an account held by the Registrar of the High Court.

While there are on-going court cases with regard to the ownership of Kamusalaba rock, the IGG is following sh9b paid to Welt Machinen Engineering Ltd, a company owned by sons of Minister Lokeris.