Igg Probes Nita Bosses At Otafiire Backs Utl

Igg probes nita bosses at otafiire backs utl
Appeared in Red Pepperon 31 Oct 2017

The top management of National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) yesterday released a panicky statement abruptly reducing the price of internet (mbps) from $190 to $70, and according to the executive director, James Saka, this takes immediate effect.

Red Pepper has reliably confirmed that the unexpected news release had nothing to do with NITA-U – UTL wars the press has reported about before.

The timing coincided with a whistleblower dossier that the aggrieved NITA-U insiders had taken to the Inspectorate of Government listing a range of scandals at the Lugogo bypass-based technology entity.

The IGG Irene Mulyagonja could neither confirm nor deny existence of the whistleblower complaint.