Igg Orders Suspension Of Land Titles Registrar

Igg orders suspension of land titles registrar
Appeared in The New Visionon 19 Jul 2017

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (DIGG) has written to the permanent secretary Ministry of Lands seeking the suspension of a senior registrar of titles over abuse of office.

Ms Mariam Wangadya wants Madinah Nabukeera, who is charged with abuse of office, interdicted forthwith.

Wangadya’s reasons are contained in a letter dated July 4, 2017, addressed to Dorcus Okalany, the permanent secretary in the lands ministry.

Nabukeera was on July 12 charged with abuse of office, in relation to transfers of land in East Buganda, an offence the DIGG said she allegedly committed in 2006.

Wangadya directed Okalany to effect the suspension expeditiously, until court delivers its verdict.