Igg Kicks Off Probe Into Bou Director'S Wealth

Igg kicks off probe into bou director's wealth
Appeared in The Daily Monitoron 20 Oct 2017

The Inspectorate of Government has started investigating Bank of Uganda’s Director for Supervision, Justine Bagyenda, on allegations that she accumulated wealth and concealed properties from the Ombudsman in contravention of the Leadership Code Act, 2002.

Daily Monitor understands that Dr Dickwitington Kimeze, a concerned citizen through his lawyers, Denis Nyombi and Company Advocates, met the IGG last week to help the Ombudsman appreciate the contest to the complaint and the evidence linking Bagyenda to the various disputed properties in Kampala.

IG Spokesperson, Munira Ali, yesterday confirmed the meeting with the petitioner’s lawyers, adding that a second meeting with the petitioner is in the offing.